First post-what will it be?

This is the post excerpt.

I have always wondered what would it be like to start a blog. what would i be talking about? what would make me stay engaged? what would my readership be comprised of? I love cooking, i bake my sorrows away and do enjoy a good roast with the family. In a way, i have always known that one could always spread happiness by sharing some good food made with love.

But then I have been fond of keeping a diary as well. I have been a good listener to my friends when they have been in need, having been in dire situations myself. I do believe having someone who listens can help broaden the spectrum of options when one feels all their doors have been closed.

So people, here i am, starting something, i still don’t know what it is yet. But it still is something. And new beginnings are always exciting. Let’s take it one post at a time. Memories and Moments.

until very soon… do keep well ❤️

MayyTamarin beach- Mauritius

Sunrise after dawn

Each one of us have at one time or another hit rock bottom. Down there, in the abyss, we can either face the earth or look for the rope to pull us back up. I have recently felt the tough floor, the fall was harsh. Difficult for me to say, as i am writing this, whether i can see the rope hanging, or if i am using it as a loop around my neck. But for sure i decided to face away from the earthen bottom. The climb back up seems tough. i cannot tell how long, or how high i will need to heighten myself back up.

I chose not to use the rope. For at any point in time i could be tempted to form a noose around my neck. no, i chose to climb up. digging my nails into the hard surface, looking for the next rock split to hold on to. i chose the hard way, because i am afraid to fall again. and this fear will keep me moving… it will make me keep looking for ways to get back to the top. I chose the struggle.